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Psychiatric Disorders Among Medical In-patients in an Indian Hospital

  • S. N. Deshpande (a1), K. R. Sundaram (a2) and N. N. Wig (a3)


Psychiatric symptoms among medical inpatients in an Indian hospital were assessed: the SRQ was used as a screening instrument, and those with probable psychiatric disorders were given the PSE and MSE, for further, detailed assessment. The prevalence of psychiatric disorders was 34%, with a further 15% reporting distressing psychiatric symptoms only. The most frequent complaints were delirium and adjustment disorders. They were largely associated with connective tissue, as well as cardiovascular and endocrine, disorders, and were characterised by depression, worrying and irritability. The reliability of the SRQ varied with the cut-off score, which gave optimal specificity and sensitivity when set at 9.


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Psychiatric Disorders Among Medical In-patients in an Indian Hospital

  • S. N. Deshpande (a1), K. R. Sundaram (a2) and N. N. Wig (a3)
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