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Psychiatric Phenomena in Alzheimer's Disease. IV: Disorders of Behaviour

  • Alastair Burns, Robin Jacoby and Raymond Levy (a1)

Out of a sample of 178 patients with AD, aggression was present in 20%, wandering in 19%, binge-eating in 10%, hyperorality in 6%, urinary incontinence in 48%, and sexual disinhibition in 7%. Behavioural abnormalities were greater in those with more severe dementia. Temporal-lobe atrophy correlated with aggression, and widening of the third ventricle with hyperorality. Features of the Kluver–Bucy syndrome were commonly seen, but the full syndrome occurred in only one subject. Patients with at least one feature of the Kluver–Bucy syndrome had greater temporal-lobe atropy than those without any of the features.

Corresponding author
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Psychiatric Phenomena in Alzheimer's Disease. IV: Disorders of Behaviour

  • Alastair Burns, Robin Jacoby and Raymond Levy (a1)
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