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The Psychiatric Symptoms, Diagnoses and Care Needs of 100 Mentally Handicapped Patients

  • Brian R. Ballinger (a1), C. Barbara Ballinger (a2), Andrew H. Reid (a1) and Elizabeth McQueen (a3)


One hundred randomly selected residents of a mental handicap hospital originating from Dundee were interviewed using a standardised assessment based on the modified Standardised Clinical Interview Schedule. Information on certain behavioural items and self-care skills was obtained from nursing staff and case records. An ICD–9 diagnosis could be made for 80 individuals, including diagnoses usually reserved for children. Thirty subjects were regarded as needing long-term psychiatric mental handicap hospital care. All but one of the remaining 70 subjects required a staffed residential placement and all but 15 some form of out-patient or short-term in-patient provision from specialist health services. The findings indicate a need for approximately 30 psychiatric mental handicap beds per 100 000 population.


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The Psychiatric Symptoms, Diagnoses and Care Needs of 100 Mentally Handicapped Patients

  • Brian R. Ballinger (a1), C. Barbara Ballinger (a2), Andrew H. Reid (a1) and Elizabeth McQueen (a3)
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