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Reported Parental Characteristics of Agoraphobics and Social Phobics

  • Gordon Parker (a1)


The clinical impression that phobic patients perceive their parents as being uncaring and overprotective was investigated in a controlled study of eighty-one phobic patients. Those assigned to a social phobic group scored both parents as less caring and as overprotective, while those assigned to an agoraphobic group differed from controls only in reporting less maternal care. Intensity of phobic symptoms in the pooled sample was examined in a separate analysis. Higher agoraphobic scores were associated with less maternal care and less maternal overprotection, while higher social phobic scores were associated with greater maternal care and greater maternal overprotection.



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Reported Parental Characteristics of Agoraphobics and Social Phobics

  • Gordon Parker (a1)


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Reported Parental Characteristics of Agoraphobics and Social Phobics

  • Gordon Parker (a1)
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