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Combination of phytase and organic acid for broilers: role in mineral digestibility and phytic acid degradation

  • B.S. VIEIRA (a1), J.G. CARAMORI (a1), C.F.S. OLIVEIRA (a1) and G.S.S. CORREA (a1)

The following review covers current and classical knowledge regarding the positive effects of organic acids on phytase activity and phytate P availability in broiler chickens. Despite the improvements achieved for phytase stability under gastrointestinal conditions, intrinsic characteristics of phytic acid, dietary components and the digestive tract favour phytate formation and, consequently, inhibit the degradation of phytic acid and other inositol phosphates by phytase. Organic acids, more frequently citric acid, have been shown to decrease phytate establishment and enhance phytase activity. When supplemented alone, citric acid increased P retention by 16 to 34% and phytate P retention by 105% in broilers. When combined with phytase, 3.27% better tibia ash has been reported. From the available data, it appears that combined use of phytases and organic acids deserves greater consideration in modern poultry nutrition.

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