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Factors affecting chick quality in Poland



Global poultry production has increased rapidly over the last 50 years and is now the most-consumed meat species in the world. The consumption of poultry in Poland accounts for almost 40% of the total meat consumption and averages 30 kg per person. Being the most flourishing sector of agriculture, poultry production faces many challenges from increasing competition (high quality products and lower prices for consumers). The profitability of poultry breeding and rearing is determined by the production of healthy and well-developed chicks, and the value of hatching eggs is closely linked to genetic line, flock age, layer housing conditions and parent flock nutrition, as well as incubation and pre- and post-hatching management. The qualitative assessment of newly hatched chicks must be based on clear and objective methods regarding health status of the flock and performance of the birds. It is essential that modern poultry production pays particular attention to these factors to achieve a high percentage of hatchability and the production of chicks which fully express their genetic potential under intensive production systems.


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Factors affecting chick quality in Poland



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