The Society currently makes eleven annual awards recognizing the accomplishments and excellence of scholars in the field. Calls for nominations are typically made in March of each year and awards are presented at the business meeting of the Political Methodology Section at the APSA's annual conference.

2017 Awards

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The Gosnell Prize

The Gosnell Prize for Excellence in Political Methodology is awarded for the best work in political methodology presented at any political science conference during the preceding year.

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The Miller Prize

The Miller Prize for is awarded for the best work appearing in Political Analysis the preceding year.

  • Joel A. Middleton (UC Berkeley), Mark A. Scott (NYU), Ronli Diakow (New York City Department of Education) and Jennifer L. Hill (NYU) for "Bias Amplification and Bias Unmasking." (Vol 24, 3: 307-323) View Citation

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The John T. Williams Dissertation Prize

In recognition of John T. Williams’ contribution to graduate training, the John T. Williams Award has been established for the best dissertation proposal in the area of political methodology.

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The SPM Poster Award

The Society for Political Methodology Poster Award is given for the best poster presented at the annual summer Methodology Meeting of the previous year.

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The Political Methodology Career Achievement Award

The career achievement is the highest honor bestowed by the Society and recognizes the foundational, distinguished and sustained contributions to the field and the Society made by the recipients over their careers.

  • Robert Erikson (Columbia University)

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The Statistical Software Award

The Best Statistical Software Award recognizes individuals for developing statistical software that makes a significant research contribution.

  • Matias D. Cattaneo (Michigan), Sebastian Calonico, (University of Miami), Max H. Farrell (Chicago), Michael Jansson (Berkeley), Xinwei Ma (Michigan), Rocio Titiunik (Michigan) and Gonzalo Vazquez-Bare (Michigan) for their work on a group of open source packages (rdrobust, rdlocrand, rddensity, rdpower) for regression discontinuity problems, written for both R and Stata.   View Citation

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The Political Methodology Emerging Scholar Award

The Political Methodology Emerging Scholar Award honors a young researcher, within ten years of their degree, who is making notable contributions to the field of political methodology.

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Society for Political Methodology Excellence in Mentoring Award

The Society for Political Methodology Excellence in Mentoring Award honors members of the Society who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to mentoring and advising graduate and / or undergraduate students and, in particular, those from underrepresented groups.

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The Political Analysis Outstanding Reviewer Award 

The Political Analysis Outstanding Reviewer Award recognizes individuals who have provided exemplary assistance to Political Analysis during the previous year. Outstanding Reviewers are those who provide excellent, timely and productive feedback for authors who have submitted manuscripts to Political Analysis. Outstanding Reviewers are also those who frequently review for the journal, and who provide the Editors with productive advice about the submissions they review.

  • Anthony Fowler, University of Chicago, Harris School
  • Adrienne Hosek, UC Davis

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Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier & John A. Garcia ICPSR Scholarships

The Society for Political Methodology and the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) have worked together to establish two scholarship awards that are intended to encourage women and under-represented graduate students to attend the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research. More information about the scholarships can be found here.

  • 2017 Box-Steffensmeier Award: Dana Moyer (University of Virginia), Hanna Brant (University of Missouri at Columbia)
  • 2017 Garcia Award: Barbara Gomez-Aguinaga (University of New Mexico), Kimberly Turner (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), Christoph Mergerson (Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey

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AERoPUP Program

The Advanced Empirical Research on Politics for Undergraduates Program (AERoPUP) is designed to support undergraduate empirical research in any and all fields which connects to political questions.

  • 2017: Kennedy Middleton, Spelman College (Mentor: Molly Roberts)
  • 2017: Joshua Coruna, U Florida (Mentor: Laura Sjoberg)

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