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Mahony Neumann Room Prize shortlist


Winner of the 2017 Mahony Neumann Room Prize

Jason P. Bell, Michael Coons and Kevin G. Hare for their paper ‘The minimal growth of a k-regular sequence’, Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society

Citation: The paper gives a lower bound for the growth of an unbounded integer-valued k-regular sequence. The ideas are applied to answer a question of Borwein, Choi and Coons on the sums of completely multiplicative automatic functions. There is a connection with a famous problem of Erdös in this area. The paper attacks a concrete and nontrivial problem and gives a very comprehensive solution, including both an asymptotic lower bound and examples to demonstrate that this estimate is best possible. The paper sheds light on important conjectures about automatic sequences. The exposition is excellent. The paper is well-cited and continues to be cited.