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Chapter 10

Student resources for Chapter 10: Prosody

Accompanying audio files for Chapter 10: Prosody

These files correspond directly to the following sections within the book, click on each link to download and listen to the audio excerpt.

Ex10.1             Sure. You’ve got a real problem.

Ex10.2             You’ve got a real problem.

SF10.3             Oh Î don’t recognize thát.

Ex10.4             And we’re pulling up and I see this girl, who I’d never seen before, sort of dart out of our driveway.

Ex10.5a           ánd uh-

Ex10.5b           we’re pulling up;

Ex10.5c           and I sèe this gî=rl.

Ex10.5d           (who I'd never seen before-)

Ex10.5e           sort of d=árt?

Ex10.5f            óut of our driveway.

SF10.6            and I see this girl

Fig10.11          sort of dart

Ex10.6             Thàt was the û==gliest set of shoes I ever saw in my lîfe.

SF10.9             are

Fig10.15          (laughter)

Ex10.8             a. Being a doctor or a screen writer or an actress or a philanthropist or an explorer.

                       b. (whispered) an explorer!

SF10.12           I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed.

SF10.13           Now éntertáin conjecture óf a time,

                        when creeping murmur ánd the pouring dark,

                        fills thé wide vessel óf the únivérse.

Ex10.12           If I were not mad I could have helped you. Whatever you had done I could have pitied and protected you. Because I am mad I hate you. Because I am mad I have betrayed you, but because I am mad, I’m rejoicing with my heart without a shred of pity, without a shred of regret, watching you go with glory in my heart! Mr. Cameron, come! [She opens the door.] Come Mr. Cameron take this man away! Take this man away.

Ex10.13           a. This Sáturday.

                        b. We’ll celebrate Président’s Day.

Ex10.14           a. Just park wherever you like,

                        b. and uh,

                        c. listen to… a free concert.

SF10.16           if you go upstairs you’re in a hallway and as you start down the hallway to the right it’s like a living room and to the left is a bedroom and then if you continue further down there’s uh a bathroom on the left and so the hall is real long

SF10.17           it’s free it’s easy and it will save you a ton of money

SF10.18           The House and the Senate are now considering my supplemental request for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

SF10.19           Yeah I think it’s I think it’s a very interesting point you make in your question they’re trying to send a warning basically what they’re trying to do is is uh cause people to run you know.

Study guide for Chapter 10: Prosody

You should be able to simply define or explain the following terms and concepts.

Prosody Wave form
Prosodic style Pitch
Segmental properties Fundamental Frequency
Suprasegmental properties Timing
Intonation Intensity
Intonation unit Given information
Substantive intonation unit New information
Regulatory intonation unit Voice quality
Terminal pitch contour Harsh voice
Phrasal accent Creaky voice


  • Prosody is a cover term for variations in pitch, loudness, timing, and voice quality; these can be partially transcribed

  • Prosody functions to delimit units of speech, mark the relation between them, mark some elements as prominent with respect to others, and convey emotion

  • Spoken language is produced in intonation units, which can be regulatory or substantive

  • Marking of prominence reflects the structure of discourse, such as the activation cost of referents, and can direct listener’s attention to what the speaker deems important

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