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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

December 8th 2023 0

The Complicated Feelings of Early English Writing

The Middle Ages is a story modernity tells about itself. Ideas of rebirth, or of an “enlightened” modern age, or of a supposed rejection of primitive superstition in favor of rational thinking, often depend on the idea of a cruder past that a …

December 7th 2023

How Did Early Christians Teach New Members to Know God?

The topic of catechesis, or baptismal instruction, remains a relatively understudied area of research outside a few highly specialized subdisciplines in early Christian studies. It’s primarily of interest to scholars in practical theology, liturgics…

December 7th 2023

How To Think About Climate Change

Open-minded citizens who are concerned about the potential impact of global warming on their lives, and on those of their children, are bombarded  with wildly discordant information and recommendations. Perhaps few still doubt whether global temperat…

December 7th 2023

The Hajj in the Age of Revolutions

The “age of revolutions” was a global era. Around the world between the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, new states and empires supplanted old regimes. The implications of those large-scale political changes were evident not jus…

December 6th 2023

Cognitive and Emotional Study Strategies for Students with Dyslexia in Higher Education

I am passionate about providing students who may struggle with their studies cognitive and motivational guidance by advising on suitable study skills strategies that are: practical, appropriate for how the individual learner processes information, and eff…

December 5th 2023

Wartime Shakespeare

What comes to mind if you think about the use of Shakespeare during wartime? Perhaps it is Laurence Olivier’s famous 1944 cinematic adaptation of Henry V, prominently dedicated to the troops of Great Britain. But what is often overlooked is just how…

December 4th 2023

Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel in the Arena of History

Giotto’s Arena Chapel and the Triumph of Humility takes its lead from three features of the famous monument that each engage the question of time, material, and immateriality: 1. the painted, faux marble panels that line the interior of the chapel, …

December 4th 2023

The Flawed Foundations of the Electoral College

Central to our concept of democracy is counting all votes equally. Who would support an election rule in which we add up all the votes and declare the person who came in second the winner?  But that is exactly what can—and does—occur unde…

November 29th 2023

(Re)discovering the Basics of Therapy: A Continuing Process for Psychotherapists

As clinicians involved in training and supervision, we have observed in others and ourselves how starting psychotherapy with a patient is often anxiety-provoking for both parties. This experience may leave new therapists in particular feeling de-skilled. …

November 27th 2023

Psychology’s Voice in Environmental Advocacy

Blog #4 in the ‘Psychology and its Antecedents’ series On October 16th in the United States, the Public Broadcasting Service premiered a new Ken Burns film, The American Buffalo. This program examines the story of the buffalo, or American Biso…

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November 22nd 2023 0

Meet Bernard Corfe: Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Nutritional Science

I was always interested in core biological processes, from school years, genetics was the area of biology I found most inspiring and through my BSc and PhD in molecular microbiology, I was fascinated by the relationship between what is coded and how life …

November 22nd 2023 0

Help for hoarding?

The November BABCP Article of the Month is from Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy and is entitled ”A more human approach … I haven’t found that really’: experiences of hoarding difficulties and seeking help” by Megan M…

November 21st 2023 0

WATCH: Baseball Aerodynamics

In the following video, Professor Barton Smith of Utah State University explains his work on the fluid dynamics of a baseball pitch.…

November 21st 2023 0

Why shop in the Black Friday sales?

Black Friday… What is it, and why do people get so hyped up about it? From Christmas gift shopping, to investment pieces you have been thinking about for a while, there is probably something suitable for you, at all budgets, in the Black Friday …

November 21st 2023 0

A Specular History of PMLA: Visual Cultures and Literary Scholarship

The mutual gravitational pull of word and image is irresistible. In the late sixth century BCE Simonides of Ceos declared that “poetry is a speaking picture; painting a mute poetry,” and later the Roman poet Horace confirmed this equation in h…

November 20th 2023 0

Cover Artwork: The Philae Settlements by Sue Morgan

Sue Morgan completed a doctorate in German philosophy and worked in the city as a corporate tax lawyer before being forced to retire in 1998 because of a diagnosis of schizo-affective disorder.

November 17th 2023 0

Why No-Spray Buffer Zones Help Ease Environmental Concerns in Invasive Tree Management

Lodgewood pine are weeds that quickly outcompete local flora. New Zealand has launched The National Wilding Conifer Management Programme to manage the problem.

November 16th 2023 0

Always tired? Read how nutrition can influence fatigue

Fatigue is a symptom resulting from the weakening or depletion of one's physical and/or mental resources, ranging from a general state of lethargy to a specific, work-induced burning sensation within one's muscles. It is a highly prevalent feeling but sti…

November 16th 2023 0

An Evolutionary Look at Allomaternal Stress-Buffering During Pregnancy

Grandmothers often help the mother-child dyad, but when does this help start? In our lives, we may see many people increase helping behaviors towards a close friend or family member when she has a child to offset her increasing needs. From an evolutionary…

November 15th 2023 0

Impulsivity Defines the Course of Adolescent Anxiety

In recent years our team has been focusing on the relationship between adolescent brain development, cognition, and mental disorders.

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