#tbt IATEFL 2016 #1: Improving children’s writing skills through digital story prompts and feedback

Cindy James

We’re looking forward to IATEFL, a huge event in the ELT calendar which takes place this year between the 4-7 April in Glasgow. In the build-up, we’ll be sharing some of our favourite talks from last year in a series of Throwback Thursdays!

For our first #tbt we take a look back at a talk from Cindy James, a winner of our Teacher Research Programme, and Ben Knight. They guide us through how to get Year 6 primary school students to engage enthusiastically in writing English.

The Teacher Research Programme was first launched in 2014, encouraging teachers to investigate aspects of their own teaching and to share their learnings. Each year, we take applications from around the world and supports five of the most promising projects. One is then chosen to present their findings to teaching professionals at the annual IATEFL conference.The 2015 theme was ‘Improving ELT pedagogy in schools’, and applications were received from 25 different countries.

This popular talk, filmed at IATEFL in Birmingham, centres around a project in a Malaysian school where digital resources were exploited to make writing activities more personalised and interactive.

Cindy noticed that her students spent a lot of time using technology, in particular their mobiles, and wanted to explore how she could use this to make writing a more positive experience for them. Watch her talk here to find out more about her project and findings:

Where next?

If you’re feeling inspired, you can look through other IATEFL talks!

Find out more about our Teacher Research Programme here.

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