Image-based projects to raise global awareness

Jess Hytner

Images are a simple and engaging way to lead in to a new topic or project activity, particularly when you’re discussing places or cultures that may be unfamiliar to students. In this article, we’ve got two image-based projects to get your teenage students thinking about other cultures around the world. Supported by fascinating facts, these activities are sure to get your students talking!

Activity #1 – Thailand (A1/A2 learners)


Using this image, get your class to complete the following questions and create a related class project:

1. Look at the picture.
a) How many different types of fruit and vegetables can you see?
b) How many can you name in English?

2. Why do you think people give the monkeys fruit and vegetables?

3. What else do you want to know about the festival?
Write three questions.

4. Use the internet to find out the answers to your questions from Exercise 3. Tell your partner what you found out.


Work in pairs or groups. Design your own animal festival:

• What kind of animal is the festival for?
• Why?
• Where is the festival?
• Who goes to the festival?
• What happens at the festival?

Make a poster about your festival and present it to the class.


Activity #2 – Mongolia (B1/B2+ learners)


Using this image, get your class to complete the following questions and class project.

1. What can you see in the picture?

2. Who do you think lives in the house?
What is their job?

3. Why do you think they live there?
What else do you want to know about them?

Fact: Mongolia is the least populous country in the world. This means it has the smallest number of people living per square kilometre.

4. Can you guess which country has the most number of people living per square kilometre? Use the internet to check your answer.

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in
a) a populous country
b) an empty country

Would you prefer to live in a) or b)?


Choose another country that is very crowded or very empty.

• Find out three interesting facts about it and tell your partner.

You can download both of these image activities as a pdf too, ready to print as either a classroom poster or worksheet to hand out to your students!

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