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IATEFL 2017: How to give learners feedback on pronunciation

Laura Patsko

  1. As we gear up for this year’s IATEFL conference in just a few weeks, today we’re revisiting one of the 2017 IATEFL talks.  Last year, Laura Patsko gave a talk and workshop session on giving learners feedback on pronunciation.

Laura’s talk centres around what happens after you’ve tried an activity or exercise in class, and it covers three main areas:

1. Why feedback is important

2. What to focus on when giving feedback

3. How to give feedback

Laura talks about commenting on success as well as failure, and the logistics as well as the methodology of assessing students.  She discusses how feedback should be:

  • Relevant to the learner;
  • Relevant to the language;
  • Relevant to the task.


She also looks at managing students’ expectations and demonstrates with examples.  See Laura’s full talk below:

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