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IATEFL 2017: Beyond Demand High – Making quality learning happen for all

Silvana Richardson

As we gear up for this year’s IATEFL conference in just a few weeks, today we’re revisiting one of the 2017 IATEFL talks.  Last year, Silvana Richardson gave a talk and workshop session on the topic of demand high and quality learning.

In her talk, Silvana discusses three areas:

1. Demand High ELT in a nutshell

2. Demand High ELT under the microscope: contributions and limitations

3. Beyond Demand High – towards evidence-informed, impactful pedagogies


Silvana goes in to detail about the different phases of Demand High, which include observations and questions, practical suggestions for improvement and the formulation of detailed guidelines.  She also puts forward teacher interventions that she believes make a difference, including:

  • Sharing learning intentions with students
  • Working with success criteria
  • Seeking out feedback on learning.


Listen to Silvana’s full talk and learn about further strategies you can implement in the video below:

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