Activities to help young learners write sentences

Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson is co-author of the Fun for Starters, Movers and Flyers series, as well as seminar presenter for Cambridge Assessment English.

In my previous article, I shared ideas for writing one word (although many of the suggestions like rainbow letters and writing with chalk can also be used for writing bullet points, sentences (or even texts!) In this article, I am going to share two different activities, and further extensions of those activities you can use in the classroom with your young learners to help them write sentences.

Activity 1

Challenge your students to write a sentence they hear, or to write a sentence about a picture using a set of letters. Or, as I had great fun doing, cut out words from old magazines and make sentences with them:

sentence from magazine cuttings










After creating the above sentence, I started changing the adjective:

have a simple holiday







have a pretty holiday








You could also challenge your students to change the other words in the original sentence, and build as many sentences as possible.  For example:

  • What a great holiday!
  • Having a wild holiday!
  • Have a great day!
  • Have a slow week!


Activity 2

In my previous article, I shared ideas for getting students to write words on small post-its and stick them in their coursebooks.  This would also work very well with sentences.

In the below image, I’ve written sentences about the three pictures on bookmark post-its and stuck them on the pictures.

sentence activity












Alternatively, instead of writing sentences, students could write speech bubbles for things that people are thinking or saying.  This would be a great way of practising the exclamations and expressions on the Movers wordlist, for example – try and find a place where a person is saying:

  • Excuse me!   
  • All right!   
  • Of course!
  • What’s the matter?
  • Pardon?  
  • Here you are. 


Join my webinar on 8th May on how to engage young learners in meaningful and successful writing activities.

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