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Teaching Critical Thinking in the 21st century: Tell us your views!

Julia Robinson

We are conducting a global research survey throughout July and August to get to the heart of what you understand by Critical Thinking and how confident you feel teaching it. Your valuable feedback will enable us to tailor our resources to your needs and help your students achieve success both in and out of the classroom.

Arguably, Critical Thinking is now more important than ever. It gives young people the ability to distinguish reliable information from ‘fake news’ – an essential skill in our increasingly digitalised world. As teachers, you play a crucial role in encouraging your students to assess and evaluate what they see and read.

But what does Critical Thinking mean to you? For many teachers, it’s a vital tool that enables students to develop effective analytical, communication and problem-solving skills. However, its meaning is open to interpretation. We want to hear what Critical Thinking means to you and the challenges you face when developing these skills with your students, so we can provide you with the right training and resources to teach it with confidence. Tell us about your experiences by completing our Critical Thinking Survey!

Join educators from around the globe and help us understand Critical Thinking from your perspective!

Critical Thinking Survey

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