A Corpus-based Contrastive Analysis of Reader Engagement 

Niall Curry

Part of the academic English online conference, Niall Curry talked to us about looking beyond the sentence level transfer and considers reader engagement in academic writing in English, French and Spanish research articles looking at how writers position readers in texts and how this differs across languages.

Research has shown that first language interference is a strong predictor of potential errors and pitfalls that individual learners face in language learning. This presentation looks beyond the sentence level transfer and considers reader engagement in academic writing in English, French and Spanish research articles, looking at how writers position readers in texts and how this differs across languages. The results of this study reveal some important similarities and differences which have implications for the teaching of English for academic purposes to learners in French and Spanish first language contexts.

Niall concluded that there are varied roles of questions and pronouns across languages and that reader pronouns and questions differ in frequencies, functions sentence length, word class and distribution in different languages.

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