Ways to manage successful end-of-unit tasks for the oral communication classroom

Dan Newbury

Part of the Academic English online conference, Dan Newbury presented a talk on the Synergistic speaking tasks: ways to manage successful end-of-unit task for the oral communication classroom.

EAP texts often include productive speaking tasks such as presentations, oral reports and mock debates as capstone activities to consolidate the language taught in the respective units. Both preparation and the finished product are beneficial in giving learners confidence regarding their mastery of the material and providing a realistic setting for them to utilise what they have learned. Dan spoke about different scaffolding methods to facilitate successful outcomes in terms of student engagement with he material and how to achieve a balance of creative expression and the attainment of course language objectives.

Dan summarised by saying we should plan for language and task management, explicitly educate learners on expectations and higher language ability means students are more able to focus on content.

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