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Alan Maley on creativity when teaching English language

Alan Maley

We met up with Alan Maley at IATEFL in Brighton last year and he spoke to us about creativity in the classroom and about his book 50 Creative Activities.

What does being creative mean?

Alan talks about how creativity means approaching things in a fresh way using new techniques. He says that teachers need to react to what is happening in the moment and be reactive; ‘it is a mindset“.

What is his book about?

Alan had around 100 creative activities for teachers, but in his book Alan has focused on 50 activities which are easy for teachers and don’t need much preparation; “simple one’s can be more effective, any teacher can do them”.

It is based on the premise that one of the major benefits of fostering creativity is the formation of enduring attitudes among both students and their teachers so that more critical and exploratory mind-sets are developed which are receptive of new ideas and alert to new ways of doing things.

Many activities draw out from the students things they were not even aware they were capable of doing. Alan Maley’s activities will help set students up to be creative and help them achieve their language goals.



Read another blog post by Alan: Being creative in the classroom with Alan Maley

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