The Speaking Corner: Giving time to speaking

Niall Curry

We are continuing to expand the conversation around our research into speaking with episode 2 of our podcast series ‘The Speaking Corner’: a podcast all about developing (yes you guessed it!) speaking for language teachers and language learners. If you missed it, catch up with episode 1 on ‘Giving feedback on speaking’ featuring Philip Kerr, in which we discuss the somewhat murky research on feedback and correction and how we can use it in the classroom.

We know that students worldwide struggle to speak in English and that teachers find it difficult to prioritise speaking in the language classroom. But our research has shown that time for speaking is not just time to consolidate what we’ve learnt, but is in fact, time to learn. That being said, getting it right can be a challenge, so hopefully the points we raise in this second episode will be interesting and useful in informing your practice as a teacher or a learner.

In this episode, we join ELT experts and material writers Philip Kerr and Ceri Jones to explore ‘Giving time to speaking’. We discuss why we should make time for speaking and how to go about doing so in practical terms. Last year we worked with Philip on a paper, ‘How much time should we give to speaking practice?‘ and this episode uses that paper as a useful point of departure. As with episode 1, the goal here is to delve into some of the core topics and discuss how we can bring these to life in the language classroom. Ceri and Philip give some practical examples of how they see this working.

Want to hear more? You can listen to the podcast here.

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If you enjoyed episode 2, why not catch up on our previous podcast ‘Giving feedback on speaking’ featuring Philip Kerr. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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