The Speaking Corner: Mobile learning in and out of the classroom

Niall Curry

We’ve come to the penultimate episode in our podcast series and while it’s sad to see it draw to a close, it did at least give me the opportunity to use the word ‘penultimate’. If you haven’t followed the series until now, ‘The Speaking Corner’, which is all about research on developing speaking for language teachers and language learners. We’ve launched three episodes so far on ‘Giving feedback on speaking’, featuring Philip Kerr, ‘Giving time to speaking’, featuring Philip Kerr and Ceri Jones and ‘The power of near peer models’ featuring Ceri Jones, so catch up on them if you missed them.

This time we’re looking at ‘Mobile learning in and out of the classroom’, featuring Graham Skerritt. This episode is all about technology and language learning. We discuss blended learning and flipped classrooms and how to best manage these for language learning. More specifically, we talk about mobile learning and how we can use mobiles to keep in touch with language beyond the walls of the classroom. Mobile learning is still something everyone is talking about, and there are countless apps we can use to help us learn language. However, it is challenging to distinguish between those which are really effective and those which seem to be. Building on research outlined in papers like ‘Using mobile devices in the language classroom‘, we discuss how to make the most out of mobiles to ensure they are helping us learn something.

Technology affords many opportunities to language learning and, specifically, developing speaking skills. There are, however, many caveats. So, as with our previous podcasts, we have tried to carry forward the conversation from our papers to give guidance on using research on mobiles and technology to inform practice.

Listen to the podcast below and let us know what you think:


And don’t forget to keep an eye out for our final episode in the series:

  • ‘Teacher Development matters’, featuring Craig Thaine


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