English language tips for travelling

Sarah Lahiff

Are you or your students planning on travelling this summer? Why not set yourself, and them, the challenge to try and use English when communicating with others?

You don’t need to be travelling long distance to the United Kingdom or the United States; English is classed as a global lingua franca – you’d perhaps be surprised at how many countries practise English as a second language.

Practising how to speak in English has many benefits, such as helping to build confidence, but it is also one of the most effective ways of learning a language. For example, being immersed within relevant and personal situations helps to facilitate learning by association. The ‘real-world communication’ also helps to highlight the informal language and colloquial expressions used in everyday situations, that may not have been taught within the classroom.

Travel tips


Join in with the conversation – here are some handy language tips you and your students could use whilst on your travels:

1. Understanding airport signs in English – Maria helps you make sense of airport signs in English from check-in through to departure

2. Common travel expressions – Rebecca introduces 5 common travel expressions to help you get around while on holiday.


3. Conversations starters in British English – Greg shares 3 examples of starting conversations in English in a formal situation.

4. Asking for and giving directions – Andres demonstrates how to ask for and give directions in English

Have you used any of these expressions before? Take the challenge and try to initiate a conversation in English wherever you are in the World.

Interested in learning more? Our YouTube channel ‘Learn English with Cambridge’ has a variety of FREE tutorials available. Stay up to date and subscribe to our channel to be notified of new uploads.

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