Classroom activity: My best friend

Ethan Luc

After International Friendship Day, here is a great activity celebrating friendship from ‘Quizzes, Questionnaires and Puzzles’ in the Cambridge Copy Collection. You can use it to teach students how to describe a best friend – and even show them what qualities they should be looking for in one!


Make a copy of the Spin the Wheel questionnaire for every three students. If you wish to do the follow up, you will also need one copy of the Friendship poems sheet for every three students.

Lead in

Write A good friend should … on the board and put students into pairs to complete the sentence in as many ways as they can. When they finish, ask them to share their ideas with the class. You may wish to write some on the board.

Best Friend activity

  • Put students into threes and give each group a Spin the Wheel questionnaire.
  • Placing a pen in the middle of the wheel, ask the students to take turns spinning the wheels and answering the questions the pen points to.
  • After answering their question, each student should ask their partners for their own opinion.
  • Encourage students to answer as fully as they can, and debate differences of opinion.
  • Spin the pen again if it lands on the same question.
  • The game finishes when all questions have been answered.
  • Students can play in pairs, but the maximum group size is four.

Follow up

Put students into pairs or three and give each group a Friendship poem. Tell them to read the poem and look up unfamiliar words. Read the poems aloud to the class, pointing out stress and rhythm. Then tell students to read the poems aloud to each other. Finally, tell students to discuss which poem they like best, and encourage them to give reasons.

Collaboration and discussion are great tools for learning in groups. However, some gentle competition can also be effective. If you’re interested in a fun way to improve your students’ English or a productive use of mobile phones in the classroom, have a look at our Quiz your English app, developed for the Empower course.

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