Better Learning Conference 2019: Language and AI – what should be done now to ensure learners and teachers benefit

Rose Luckin

In July, we held our annual Better Learning Conference at Robinson’s College, Cambridge and Rose Luckin came to discuss how Artificial Intelligence is relevant in Education and teaching.

Rose is a Professor at UCL Knowledge Lab in London and specialises in Learner Centred Design. Her research involves the design and evaluation of educational technology using theories from the learning sciences and techniques from Artificial Intelligence (AI). In 2017, Rose was named on the Seldon List as one of the 20 most influential people in Education.

In her talk, Rose explores what AI can contribute to teaching and learning, and how it helps students and educators progress their understanding and knowledge more effectively. Artificial Intelligence by definition, is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. It’s very much a part of our everyday lives, from mobile devices and speakers – to electronic passport controls. So why then, has it suddenly become important to us within language education?

Topics covered include:

  • The argument for AI technologies that are to be used in education must embody judicious analysis and learn in a Learning Sciences informed manner.
  • How it is essential to develop inter-stakeholder partnerships modelled on those that are operationalised through the EDUCATE EdTech programme in London.
  • How the above mentioned partnerships are essential for both teacher trainers and educators to better understand AI.


Watch out for other talk recordings from the Better Learning Conference 2019, released here over the next few weeks. You can find more information about the conference on our blog here.

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