Professional Development

Embedding critical thinking into classroom practice

Sarah Stokes

In this webinar, speaker Chris Sowton refers to research from Unlock and the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework. He looks at how learners can develop their critical thinking skills, as well as other 21st century skills including collaboration, social awareness, emotional development, learning to learn and creativity. Chris focuses on how we can prepare our students for the future workplace and society by developing these areas, as well as improving their English language abilities.

During the webinar, Chris, a language teacher, trainer and author, covers the challenges that teaching critical thinking and other 21st century skills brings, based on the responses to a critical thinking survey we ran in 2018. He also shares his strategies for improving these key skills in the classroom:

1. Chris discusses re-evaluating and re-positioning Bloom and shares a variety of different ways you can look at and approach Bloom’s Taxonomy.

2. He gives specific examples of how to embed not only critical thinking, but all of the other life competencies within the framework in to ELT provision.

3. Chris looks at how we can prepare teachers more effectively to support critical thinking in the classroom, through support and development of techniques and tools.

4. He talks about how institutional norms must mirror classroom norms and we should be unified in our messages and the way we teach.

Watch the full webinar below:

Find out more about using critical thinking in an academic context and discover more about the critical thinking strand of the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework.

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