Extending critical thinking past the text

James Dunn

Part of the Academic ELT online conference, James Dunn presented an interesting webinar on; Extending Critical Thinking Past the Text: Strategies for creating supplemental printouts that focus on students’ needs.

Deconstructing course books

There are some excellent options available when it comes to English language learning textbooks, but no one textbook will perfectly fit every class.

James’s presentation looked at how to deconstruct units of a course book with an eye on pushing students into the higher order thinking skills. He looked at supplementing the information covered to support a more CLIL type of curriculum.

This is achieved by viewing a unit among two interconnected dimensions. The knowledge dimension and the cognitive dimension, in which gaps in higher order thinking or critical thinking skills in a unit can be identified. 

Once identified, the areas of information supporting the students’ needs and or interests can be integrated into the classroom with original supplemental printouts.

Attendees of the webinar left with ideas to help maximise the CLIL and Critical Thinking potential of any classroom. Helping create a student experience that better matches their needs.

Watch James’s webinar below to learn more on this topic.

About James

James Dunn is a Junior Associate Professor at Tokai University. He is the Coordinator of the Japanese Association for Language Teaching’s Critical Thinking Special Interest Group. 

His research interests include Critical Thinking skills’ impact on student brain function during English learning as measured by EEG.

Broadly, James’s educational goals are to help students understand that they are capable of more than they might think. And that they can expand their cultural competence with critical thinking and higher-order thinking skills.

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You can watch the first webinar in the series here.

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