Listen to the Fitz and Will festive adventure, narrated by Elis James

Jade Glennon

We’re excited to share the Fitz and Will Festive Adventure narration by Elis James. Now your class can listen to the audio as your students read along!

Elis James is a Welsh comedian, radio DJ, writer, actor and football pundit. We’ve been working with Elis to narrate the Fitz and Will Festive Adventure, bringing the story to life!

Fitz and Will are two fun-loving cats, who have all manner of adventures through the historic streets and colleges of Cambridge. Follow the Cambridge Cats as they guide their new Brazilian friend Leo around the very best sites of Cambridge. Knowing them, there’s sure to be mischief, excitement and fun along the way, as they scamper and scatter and pitter-pat-patter around Cambridge.

Find out what mischief the Cambridge Cats get up to in our new festive story audio telling and make sure to read the full festive story while you listen!


Why not share Fitz, Will and Leo’s adventure with friends and family this festive season. Simply copy the link to spread the fun!

Engage your classroom with Fitz and Will

Join Greg, one of our Learn English with Cambridge presenters, for a lesson on how to engage young learners with storytelling.

And Rachel Jeffries has some wonderful storytelling activities to help you bring the Fitz and Will festive story to life in your classroom.

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