Cambridge Life Competencies for Teens: ‘Starting from scratch’ featuring Korean Billy

Will Rixon

We hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far! Our previous episodes dealt with each of the competency areas of The Cambridge Life Competencies Framework. In this final episode we look at a real-life example of how life competencies are integral to becoming a successful young person in this global community.

If you’re new to the Cambridge Life Competencies for Teens podcast, this series features a range of experts in English language learning and gives you some techniques and tips to develop vital skills that your learners need as they approach adulthood.

If you have ever googled something like ‘online English learning’ or ‘youtube English teacher’, you will have most likely come across our final guest of the series. Seong-Jae, otherwise known as Korean Billy, has become an internet sensation with his YouTube channel on dialect, accents and other areas of English language.

However, we didn’t just want to hear about his success. We were especially keen to learn about the journey that Seong-Jae took to get to where he is. Has he always been so personable? Or was that a skill he learned along the way? Is his ability to emulate dialects inherent? Or something he learned to do himself? And where did he develop his interest in language, was it at school or somewhere else?

After having learnt about each competency in the previous episodes, we hope this episode shows how we can give teenagers the best chance by arming them with the skills that are not only key to Billy’s success, but to the success of all your learners.

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We have really enjoyed making these podcasts, and we hope they have been as insightful and interesting to listen to as they were making them! Please subscribe to the series from wherever you get your podcasts (Spotify, Google Podcasts, iTunes etc.)!

For an overview of the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework and how it can help you, listen to our podcast episode on ‘What is the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework?’.

Please let us know what you think, and tell us any ideas for future topics you’d like to hear about in the comments below.

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