Learn vocabulary with LoukGolf and Cambridge Dictionary

Jade Glennon

Guest presenter LoukGolf has been working on a special video series with us – learn new vocabulary in context as he explores the very best tourist activities in Bangkok, Thailand.

Kanatip Soonthornrak, also known as LoukGolf, is a full-time English tutor based in Bangkok, and the host of a popular Thai talk show, LoukGolf’s English Room. LoukGolf often makes use of Cambridge Dictionary in his classroom and on his TV talk show. Watch the first episode to get a snapshot of LoukGolf’s life as an English language teacher in Bangkok, Thailand.

LoukGolf’s video series

LoukGolf has collaborated with us to create an exciting video series following his adventures around Bangkok Thailand. Throughout the videos, LoukGolf introduces key vocabulary on four subjects, exposing students to new English language in context.

We have created four word lists on Cambridge Dictionary +Plus which include all the vocabulary introduced by LoukGolf, and more! After watching LoukGolf’s videos, encourage your students to practice the vocabulary using the word lists and test themselves to see how much they’ve learnt.


Learn vocabulary with LoukGolf

Watch LoukGolf’s videos and practice the vocabulary with the accompanying word lists:

1 Shopping in Bangkok – join our guest presenter LoukGolf on a shopping spree in Siam Square, and use the words about shopping word list!


2 Street food in Bangkok – explore the vibrant streets of China Town with LoukGolf in Bangkok, and discover the food you can purchase from street vendors. Ask your students to test themselves with the words about street food word list.


3 Using transport in Bangkok – join LoukGolf in finding different modes of transport that are available in the city of Bangkok. Discover new vocabulary with the words about transport and travel word list.


4 Restaurants in Bangkok – in the final video of this series, our special guest LoukGolf visits restaurants in Bangkok. The words about eating in a restaurant word list will be useful for any of your students who hope to order food at a restaurant in English!


We hope LoukGolf’s fun and informative videos will encourage excitement about vocabulary from your students and help them see the value of learning English using word lists.

The Learn English with Cambridge YouTube channel is perfect for learners looking for some additional help in learning English and for teachers to supplement lessons. Subscribe to the channel for weekly videos!


If you want to learn more about word lists, make sure to read Matthew Ellman’s article, 4 benefits of using word lists to teach vocabulary.

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