Supporting every teacher: How to teach remotely using Evolve

Joe Tearle

This week we will be releasing ‘how to’ guides to support teachers working with our course books and digital resources in a virtual classroom. First up, we have created a guide for our six-level English course for adults and young adults, Evolve.

This guide demonstrates how the course can be taught online. It includes suggestions for how to use the Evolve Student’s Books and offers other supplementary materials to support your online classes.

This guide is based on a mixed model of remote teaching. We suggest using online platforms that allow:

  • live lessons online
  • discussion forums moderated by the teacher
  • collaborative group tasks without the teacher
  • individual self-access study


It is based on the principle that live lessons give students the chance to speak and ask questions about issues they’re encountering. Students can complete other tasks such as reading, listening and controlled practice exercises on their own and use the classroom to check answers.

Take a look for yourself using ISSUU below, where you can download the guide and read at your own leisure. Just click on the download icon.



If you would like to find guides for other products or read articles to help you teach online from the Supporting Every Teacher series, click here.

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