Climate Change and Sustainability

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) is not just a conference, it is a call to international action, meant to extend far beyond the summit itself.

Ever since the creation of the UNFCCC itself, scientific evidence has underpinned the international climate negotiations [opens in a new tab] . To help accelerate the exchange of ideas, Cambridge University Press would like to create a new interdisciplinary and collaborative virtual space on Cambridge Open Engage where climate and sustainability researchers can discover and share early open content, initiate new collaborations and reach out beyond disciplinary boundaries.

This page curates relevant events, preprints, and presentations from across Cambridge Open Engage, and is open for new submissions.

Community Content

Help Us Shape This Community

Discover more research from Cambridge University Press and how we are supporting COP26 on our Climate Action [opens in a new tab] page on Cambridge Core.

By drawing together researchers from across the breadth of disciplines working on issues within climate and sustainability, from the humanities through to earth and atmospheric sciences, on a free-to-use platform, we believe we can create a valuable resource for researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners.

We welcome academics and supporting organisations who want to join us to develop the scope, functionality, and future direction of our Climate & Sustainability Community. For more information, please email