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  • ISBN:9781107496927
  • Format:Paperback
  • Subject(s):Mathematics
  • Qualification:OCR
  • Author(s):Nick Asker, Karen Morrison
  • Available from: October 2015

A new series of bespoke, full-coverage resources developed for the 2015 GCSE Mathematics qualifications.

Sorry, the product you are trying to view is not available in your country.


    Endorsed for the OCR J560 GCSE Mathematics Higher tier specification for first teaching from 2015, our Homework Book is an ideal companion to the OCR Higher tier Student Book and can be used as a standalone resource. With exercises that correspond to each section of the Student Book, it offers a wealth of additional questions for practice and consolidation. Our Homework Books contain a breadth and depth of questions covering a variety of skills, including problem-solving and mathematical reasoning, as well as extensive drill questions. Answers to all questions are available free on the Cambridge University Press UK Schools website.

  • Contents
    • Offers practice questions for students covering the full range of topics across the Higher tier GCSE Mathematics curriculum.

    • Questions follow the same gradient of difficulty as in the Student Book, getting progressively more difficult throughout the course of each exercise and chapter.

    • Full coverage of all Assessment Objectives.

    • Chapters are organised to offer a ready-made learning trajectory.

    • Can be used in the classroom or set as homework.

    • Contains a Homework exercise corresponding to each exercise in the Student Book, offering twice the amount of practice material to students.

    • Can be used as a standalone resource or as part of the Cambridge GCSE Mathematics suite of resources.

    • Includes tips to help students memorise material when tackling more difficult questions.

    • Ideally sized for school bags.

  • Author(s)
  • Update
    • Introduction
    • 1. Basic calculation skills
    • 2. Whole number theory
    • 3. Algebraic expressions
    • 4. Functions and sequences
    • 5. Properties of shapes and solids
    • 6. Construction and loci
    • 7. Further algebraic expressions
    • 8. Equations
    • 9. Angles
    • 10. Fractions
    • 11. Decimals
    • 12. Units and measurement
    • 13. Percentages
    • 14. Algebraic formulae
    • 15. Perimeter
    • 16. Area
    • 17. Approximation and estimation
    • 18. Straight-line graphs
    • 19. Graphs of equations and functions
    • 20. Three-dimensional shapes
    • 21. Volume and surface area
    • 22. Calculations with ratio
    • 23. Basic probability and experiments
    • 24. Combined events and probability diagrams
    • 25. Powers and roots
    • 26. Standard form
    • 27. Surds
    • 28. Plane vector geometry
    • 29. Plane isometric transformations
    • 30. Congruent triangles
    • 31. Similarity
    • 32. Pythagoras' theorem
    • 33. Trigonometry
    • 34. Circle theorems
    • 35. Discrete growth and decay
    • 36. Direct and inverse proportion
    • 37. Collecting and displaying data
    • 38. Analysing data
    • 39. Interpreting graphs
    • 40. Algebraic inequalities
    • 41. Transformations of curves and their equations
    • Glossary
    • Index.

    Nick Asker

    Nick is a Mathematics Advisor for Improve Maths. Nick started teaching mathematics in 1982 and has spent almost 20 years teaching in a variety of settings including secondary schools and all-age special schools. Nick has been a Head of Department and a Local Authority Mathematics Advisor, as well as a Regional Advisor for the National Strategies. He supports mathematics departments to develop their teaching through plan-teach-review cycles. He holds an NPQH and is qualified to lead inspections on behalf of Ofsted. 

    Karen Morrison

    Karen is an experienced teacher and teacher-trainer who now works as an author and materials developer. She is the author of a number of mathematics courses. Karen has travelled extensively and has worked collaboratively with teachers and authors in the UK, Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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