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Cambridge English Empower


Help and Support

CLMS Notice

On 24 July 2023, the Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS) will be retiring, no further access to the platform will be possible after then. Licence periods as we approach this date may therefore be shorter. 

The last date for activating codes will be 28 March 2023. All the normal CLMS features and support will of course be available to you until 24 July 2023. 

If you have questions about how these changes will affect you, please contact your local Cambridge sales representative.

Quiz Your English FAQs

1. What is Quiz your English?

Quiz your English is a fun way to practise, improve, and test your English. Choose a topic, find a competitor, or let the app find one for you from learners all over the world, and test yourself against the clock by selecting the right answer from the options provided, revisiting core language in the process.  

2. Who is it for?

Quiz your English is for anyone who wants to practise their English. Empower learners have specific Topic packs related to Empower course content, allowing them to practise and improve outside of the classroom.

3. What are the best bits?

- Quality assured. Brought to you by Cambridge Assessment English - part of the University of Cambridge.

- Compete with learners all around the world. Let the game find you an opponent, or challenge a friend who has the app. You can also invite people to play through Facebook.

- Compete to climb the leader board. See where you are in your country and the world.

- Dedicated free content available for Cambridge English Empower learners.

- Additional Topic packs for IELTS and Cambridge English First: FCE (B2) exams (in-app purchase required), with more content coming soon!

4. What language does it cover?

Dedicated content for all levels of Empower. The content is split into three levels (A1/A2, B1/B1+, B2/C1), covering the full Empower syllabus.

5. How can I download it?

Have a look at the guide with full instructions here.
Go to the iOS App Store or Google Play store.

6. How much does it cost?

Quiz your English is free to download and play. Empower content packs are also free. Some topics, such as IELTS, are available as an in-app purchase.

7. How do I start playing?

Download the game and click the icon to start! To start playing with the Empower content, scroll through the ‘Topics’ list to find Empower. 

Empower - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the books without the online materials?

Yes, you can teach classes without using the Empower CLMS. Students can purchase a separate version of the Student’s Book and a print version of the Workbook. 

A comprehensive Teacher’s Book provides you with lesson plans, language notes and extra ideas to support classroom teaching, plus six photocopiable activities for every unit. Print versions of the end of unit tests and the mid and end of course tests are also available via your local Cambridge Rep.

How can I buy the Empower ebook?

Please visit the ebook page on the web hub where you will find full instructions.

Can I see a demo of the Empower CLMS?

Try this great interactive video for a walk through of all the online content on the Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS). The video is intended to show you around the Workbook, the assessment, the extension activities and much more with a series of mini videos which also explain the different course tabs on the LMS set out as you would see it.

Or please contact your local Cambridge representative to set up access to a demo of the CLMS. They will be happy to tell you more about this and answer any questions you have.

How do I access the Online content?

All online content is accessed through the Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS). To start using a product, you need to register on the CLMS and enter an activation code for that product.

This page contains a PDF or video version with full instructions for using an activation code for the Empower CLMS.

What is an activation code?

Students need an activation code to start using a product in the CLMS. They can find their activation code under a silver scratch off panel on the inside front cover of their Student’s Book.

This page contains a PDF or video version with full instructions for using an activation code for the Empower CLMS.

What is a class code?

Students need a class code to join a class in the CLMS. Being in a class means that students can communicate online with other members of their class, and teachers can view scores for all members of that class. Administrators can create a class code when they set up a class. Teachers should then give this class code to their students.

If you need to set up your own classes, see these videos for more help.

How do I get teacher access to the Empower CLMS?

If your school or university already uses the Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS), your administrator should be able to set you up. If you don’t have an administrator, you need to contact your local Cambridge representative for help.

Read more about getting Teacher access to the Empower CLMS.

What are the system requirements for using the Online content?

The latest System requirements for the Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS) are available here.

Where can I get support with technical issues?

The online components for Empower are accessed on the Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS). There is a separate FAQ section on the LMS which covers a wide range of technical and non-technical questions.


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