Revision Worksheets

The Revision Worksheets provide a series of interactive questions for each topic on Cambridge GCSE Computing Online. They are designed to help you revise and consolidate your knowledge and quickly and easily refresh your memory on topics you find more difficult.

How to use this resource

  • Select a worksheet from the menu on the right.
  • Read through the 'Key facts' page which provides you with an overview of the topic and links back to the relevant topics on Cambridge GCSE Computing Online for further revision. You can also print out the 'Key facts' page as a handy revision sheet.
  • Once you have read through the 'Key facts', click ‘Question 1’ to start working through the questions.
  • There is no time limit; you can take as long as you like to answer each question.

Question types

Some questions are simple, for example multiple-choice or ‘label the image’; these are auto-marked. After you have attempted the question, a ‘show answer’ button will appear. Click on this to see the correct answer. You can try again as often as you like.

Longer questions will require you to enter free text. Once you have completed the question, click the ‘show answer’ button to show a model answer, explaining the correct answer and some common misconceptions. Compare your answer with the model answer to see how well you understood the question topic.


The self-assessment page at the end of each worksheet will allow you to record how well you think you have understood the topic by using the smileys. Your self-assessment will be saved and can be viewed on the ‘My Progress’ page so that you can return to the topics you need to practice.