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If you wish to reproduce excerpts from a Cambridge book or journal (text extracts, figures, etc.) in another publication you should submit your request in writing by completing the Permissions Request Form.

Cambridge University Press grants permission freely for the reproduction in another work of a short prose extract (less than 400 words), a single figure or a single table in which it holds rights (see the important caveat in the Notes below). In such cases a request for permission need not be submitted, but the reproduced material must be accompanied by a full citation of the original source.

Note also that Cambridge University Press may not be able to grant permission for the use of all the material it publishes. In particular, illustrations, tables, poetry or other extensive quotations included in Cambridge publications may have been reproduced by Cambridge with the permission of another rights holder. Always check the caption or citation to ensure that Cambridge is the rights holder before proceeding.

In the case of some journals published by Cambridge on behalf of a learned society, permission may need to be obtained directly from the society. Check the cover of the journal before proceeding.

For some of our journal articles you may be able to clear permission using the Copyright Clearance Center's Rightslink® Service.

In these pages, you can find out how to submit the following permissions requests:

Permissions requests

Reproduction or translation of a chapter, journal article, text extract, audio extract.

Permissions requests from Cambridge authors

Re-use of material from their own works.

Networking requests

For education institutions to enable them to make all or part of certain Cambridge publications available via a secure Intranet for teaching purposes.

Performance requests

If you wish to perform a play in which Cambridge administers performance rights.

Educational photocopying requests

Except as provided under national law, written permission is required to photocopy all Cambridge publications unless they are clearly designated as 'photocopiable'.

Requests for the reading impaired

For institutions or individuals wishing to have Cambridge books made accessible in formats for the reading impaired e.g. Braille, Moon, audio, large print, etc.

Cambridge Journals articles

For some of our journals, you may be able to clear permission using the Copyright Clearance Center's Rightslink®service.


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