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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

June 28th 2022 0

Some Realism about the International Criminal Court

The facts on the ground are grim. War in Ukraine has been grindingly destructive, as days and weeks turn into months. As Ukrainian cities are being levelled, civilian targets range from the theatre in Mariupol, to the streets of Bucha, to the train statio…

June 27th 2022

Legitimacy: crisis or continuity?

We are, according to US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in a ‘crisis of legitimacy’. The US Supreme Court’s overturning of long-settled law Roe vs Wade regarding women’s right to abortion does not reflect US public opinion…

June 27th 2022

The fragile landscapes of the body

Combining psychoanalysis, philosophy and anthropology, scientific research and clinical experience, this essay is a truly unique interdisciplinary book, in which the explores how the body represents a contact with the world, which can occur in both health…

June 24th 2022

Trade Links: New Rules for a New World

In a time of increasing international turmoil, the World Trade Organization is undergoing an existential crisis. Trade links the world not only through the flow of international commerce in goods, services, and ideas, but also through its economic, enviro…

June 20th 2022

Breastfeeding Moms Need Formula, too, Because Workplace Milk-Pumping Accommodations Often Inadequate

To date, millions of American parents have been impacted by the baby formula shortage but breastfeeding parents largely remain unpanicked. Social media has exploded with posts taking note of this and suggesting that this benefit might spur reluctant paren…

June 16th 2022

Six millennia of Aegean art… in six hundred pages

This book, initially published in French as ‘L’art égéen’ (two volumes, Paris 2008-2014), provides a history of the artistic output accompanying the development of Aegean civilisations, from the Neolithic (c.7000 BC) to the…

June 16th 2022

Secular Acts and Bad Behavior in the Italian Renaissance Church Interior

In the opening to The Decameron (c. 1350), Boccaccio described how the ten young people who would become storytellers in his book met in a Florentine church during the height of the Black Death: “it chanced […] that there foregathered in the …

June 15th 2022

When should you start to learn how to solve math and science problems?

One of the most remarkable natural talents of human beings is their ability to navigate, in a meaningful way, through enormous problem spaces.

June 14th 2022

Why are the Netherlands Protestant and Belgium Catholic?

Anyone who travels through the adjacent countries of Belgium and the Netherlands today immediately sees the contrast: Belgium is full of resplendent, lavishly decorated Catholic churches, while its neighbor to the immediate north is home to sober, whitewa…

June 13th 2022

Some Common Misunderstandings About Biology and Race

In this blog, extracted from Understanding Race, authors Ian Tattersall and Rob DeSalle address some of the major misconceptions about race.

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July 1st 2022 0

Circe’s Etruscan Drugs

When only four words of a poet’s entire output in a specific genre survive to the present day, is there really anything of substance that we can say about this poetry on the basis of such slender remains?…

June 23rd 2022 0

Engineering a Commercial Product: A Researcher’s Perspective

Dr Ljiljana Fruk from the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge discusses her three-pronged approach to product development to mark International Women in Engineering Day.

June 23rd 2022 0

Reducing nitrogen fertilisation on Irish dairy farm: what is the impact on stocking capacity?

The paper “Modelling the effects of stocking rate, soil type, agroclimate location climate and nitrogen input on the grass yield and forage self-sufficiency of Irish grass-based dairy production systems”, published in The Journal of Agricultur…

June 22nd 2022 0

Don’t forget iodine after pregnancy

Iodine is an essential micronutrient for humans throughout life due to its need for the production of the thyroid hormones.

June 22nd 2022 0

‘Keeping Your Feet Wet’: Strategies for Increasing Diversity in Underwater Archaeology

In “Getting Your Feet Wet,” (out now open access in Advances in Archaeological Practice) the authors outline barriers to inclusivity writ large in underwater archaeology and provide solutions for increasing diversity in the field.…

June 22nd 2022 0

Mathematical modelling techniques in predicting crop growth and yield of bananas for precise decision-making

The paper “Growth and yield estimation of banana through mathematical modelling: A systematic review”, published in The Journal of Agricultural Science, has been chosen as the latest Editorial Highlight and is freely available to download for …

June 21st 2022 0

LGBTQ+ at Cambridge

As part of our celebrations for Pride Month, we hear from Mandy Hill (Managing Director, and EDIB Champion, Academic), Valarie Guagnini (Head of EDIB, Academic), and Ian McIver (Content Team Lead, Academic Books, and Pride Network committee member) as the…

June 21st 2022 0

Progress on our Transformative Journals

We recently submitted our annual Transformative Journals (TJ) report to cOAlition S, and here we share a few highlights with you.…

June 20th 2022 0

In search of bias among the most Googled vertebrates

Public interest in nature and the environment is at an all-time high thanks to many factors including new species discoveries, nature documentaries and the unfortunate reality of climate change. One important method for gauging this interest is Google Tre…

June 17th 2022 1

Seabirds and bycatch

To celebrate World Albatross Day on 19 June 2022, this month’s third centenary collection of BCI papers focuses on the theme of seabirds and bycatch.…

June 16th 2022 0

Design of Simulation-Based Pilot Training Systems using Machine Learning Agents

The tactical systems and operational environment of modern fighter aircraft are becoming increasingly complex.

June 16th 2022 0


The June edition of Muses – the arts blog from BJPsych International –features an article by Remi Olutimayin, a Nigeria-born voice director of animation.…

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