Free primary poster packs for English, maths and science

Laura Rogers

We’ve created a series of free primary posters to accompany our Cambridge Global English, Cambridge Primary English, Cambridge Primary Mathematics and Cambridge Primary Science series.

With these free primary posters for stages 1-6, you can help your learners understand key topics and give your classroom a makeover!

Here are some of the topics to give you an idea of what’s available.

Cambridge Global English:

  • Family – an annotated image of a large family indicating their relation to each other
  • Capital letters – examples of how to use capital letters in a sentence
  • Habitats – a matching game with examples of different habitats and animals, for example, a clown fish in the ocean


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Cambridge Primary English:

  • Apostrophes – examples of how to use apostrophes to show possession
  • Features of instructions – guidance on the different ways instructions can be written, for example, with steps to follow or using pictures
  • Story structure – shows the breakdown of a story from the introduction to the conclusion


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Cambridge Primary Mathematics:

  • Clocks – a selection of clock faces labelled with the times they show
  • Fraction trios – an explanation of fractions as shown by slices of pizza
  • Mass and capacity – understanding the difference between millilitre, capacity, liquid volume and litre


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Cambridge Primary Science:

  • Plant parts – an annotated image of a plant with a label for the leaf, flower, stem, fruit and roots
  • The Earth and the Sun – an explanation of how day and night are caused by the sun and the turning of the planet
  • Food groups – a chart dividing the main food groups including carbohydrates and dairy


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Bring your classroom walls to life with our free primary poster packs.