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  • Own It!

    It's your world.

    We live in a rapidly changing world. With Own It!, teens develop the confidence and competencies they need to forge their own path in this ever-evolving global landscape.

    From developing critical and creative thinking skills and social/emotional aptitudes to working effectively in a group, Own it! helps create confident, future-ready learners who are able to meet the challenges ahead. 

    Product Details

    Authors: Claire Thacker, Stuart Cochrane, Samantha Lewis and Daniel Vincent
    CEFR Levels: A1+ - B1+

      Key Features  

    Become a more independent learner and navigate life's challenges using the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework.
    Practise the skills to work effectively with others on collaborative projects.
    Get inspired through global, cross-curricular topics and up to 45 videos per level.
    Build the confidence to succeed in A2 Key for Schools, B1 Preliminary for Schools and other international exams.
    Practise your skills with mobile-friendly Practice Extra and a cutting-edge digital collaboration space.
    Test & Train provides perfect on-the-go, intuitive exam preparation and offers a digital practice test experience in Cambridge One

    Own It! is part of a learning experience that could only come from Cambridge

    It's shaped by unique insights from our extensive research and expertise, all to enable teachers to do what they do best - teach - and learners to reach their full potential.


    Powerful support; dynamic content 

    Fully-supported content developing students' knowledge and skills for the real world.

    All your digital tools, all in one place

      Own it! digital package on Cambridge One includes:
      • Presentation Plus - class presentation tool - accessible online and offline.
      • Practice Extra - Mobile friendly, bite-sized extra practice activities and games for every unit.
      • Collaboration Plus - a tool which enables students to collaborate on projects remotely.
      • Teacher's Resource Bank - downloadable worksheets and tests at different levels of challenge.

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    Inspire learners with global, cultural topics

    Global cultural topics are brought to life with documentary videos and inspiring texts, exposing students to people and places from around the world. Students can explore street art in Sao Paolo, volunteer in Costa Rica and join eagle hunters in Mongolia, all from the comfort of their classroom.

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    Preparing for the future through collaborative projects

    A project page for every unit develops students' collaborative skills while consolidating language learning in a fun, personalised way. The new Collaboration Plus tool enables students to collaborate on projects remotely.

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    More than 40 inspiring videos per level

      Own it! includes four or five high-quality videos per unit designed to activate prior knowledge and provide support for learning
      • Documentaries appear at the beginning of every unit, a great way to get students thinking about the unit topic.
      • Language in Action videos appear on the grammar pages of the unit, featuring teenagers using the target
      • Everyday English videos appear on the speaking pages with teenagers using authentic English from the speaking dialogue.

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    Creating confident, future-ready learners 

    Develop vital life competencies like collaboration and learning to learn, all while learning English!

    Independent learners

    The Learn to Learn feature of the course is designed to introduce students to vital learning strategies and techniques, helping them become more independent, lifelong learners.

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    Collaborative learners

    The project work in every unit allows students to …

    • build collaborative skills, such as communication, teamwork and leadership. 
    • acquire practical, transferrable skills associated with different types of projects, like doing research and making presentations.
    • explore areas that they are interested in, thereby increasing their motivation.
    • continue to collaborate remotely, using the new Collaboration Plus tool on Cambridge One.

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    Support for mixed abilities

    In Own it! there is extensive support for teachers with mixed-ability classes, including the following:

    • Finished? icons direct fast finishers to fun extra practice at the back of the book to ensure all students are challenged.
    • Workbook activities are graded 1, 2 or 3 stars to indicate their difficulty level
    • Teacher’s Book notes provide suggestions for grading activities to different students’ abilities.
    • Project Book teacher’s notes provide specific suggestions for differentiated instruction.

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    Research-Informed and Classroom Tested 

    Own it! draws on extensive research directly involving teachers and students in real classrooms around the world. 

    Shaped by teachers


    We visited schools around the world to develop a deep understanding of how teachers are preparing the next generation to be confident, collaborative, future-ready learners.

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    Corpus research: a billion words and counting

    Own it! is supported by the Cambridge English Corpus,  a vast database of how contemporary English is used and how language works.  This means we can:

    • identify words and phrases that occur most frequently - these are words that learners need to know.
    • look at word patterns and make sure we teach the most useful phrases and collocates.
    • anticipate the most common errors made by speakers of just about any other language, and provide the appropriate level of support.
    • make sure our materials contain appropriate content for a particular level or exam.

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    Informed by the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework

    The Cambridge Life Competencies Framework not only underpins the syllabus for the Learn to Learn pages and the collaborative project work in Own it!, but also all other competency areas of the framework are explored throughout the course, preparing learners for early adulthood.

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