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> An Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy

An Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy

Coming soon in September 2023


Stephen J. Laumakis, University of St Thomas, Minnesota


In this clearly written and accessible book, Stephen J. Laumakis explains the origin and development of Buddhist ideas and concepts, focusing on the philosophical ideas and arguments presented and defended by selected thinkers and sutras from various traditions. Starting with a sketch of the Buddha and the Dharma and highlighting the origins of Buddhism in India, he then considers specific details of the Dharma with special attention to Buddhist ontology and epistemology. He examines the development of Buddhism in China,…

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Key features

  • Provides students with definitions of Buddhism's key ideas plus pointers for things to think about
  • Two new chapters in the Second Edition focus on Buddhist Ethics and Buddhist meditative practices and their relation to Buddhism as a way of life
  • Covers a broad span of Buddhist philosophy, with attention to ontology/metaphysics and epistemology, expanding students' understanding of the scope of Buddhist thought

About the book

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