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> International Commercial Litigation

International Commercial Litigation

Text, Cases and Materials on Private International Law

3rd edition (current edition)

Trevor C. Hartley, London School of Economics and Political Science
Taking a fresh and modern approach to the subject, this fully revised and restructured textbook provides everything necessary to gain a good understanding of international commercial litigation. Adopting a comparative stance, it provides extensive coverage of US and Commonwealth law, in addition to the core areas of English and EU law. Extracts from key cases and legislative acts are designed to meet the practical requirements of litigators as well as explaining the ideas behind legal provisions. Significant updates include coverage…
pp i-iv
pp v-xxiii
Table of Panels
pp xxiv-xxvii
List of Figures
pp xxviii-xxviii
From the Preface to the First Edition
pp xxix-xxx
From the Preface to the Second Edition
pp xxxi-xxxii
Preface to the Third Edition
pp xxxiii-xxxvi
Acknowledgements: Copyright
pp xxxvii-xxxviii
pp xxxix-xxxix
Table of Equivalences
pp xl-xli
Table of Latin Phrases
pp xlii-xlii
List of Abbreviations
pp xliii-xliii
Table of Cases: Alphabetical
pp xliv-lxxi
Table of Cases: EU Cases in numerical order
pp lxxii-lxxvii
Table of Legislative Instruments
pp lxxviii-xcvii
Table of Legislative Instruments: Panels
pp xcviii-cii
Part I - Starting Off
pp 1-2
1 - Introduction
pp 3-8
Part II - Jurisdiction
pp 9-10
2 - Jurisdiction: An Analysis
pp 11-17
3 - Jurisdiction under EU Law
pp 18-43
4 - EU Law: Special Jurisdiction
pp 44-107
5 - EU Law: The Problem of Pure Financial Loss
pp 108-132
6 - The Traditional English Rules
pp 133-165
7 - US Law: An Outline
pp 166-197
8 - Choice-of-Court Agreements
pp 198-244
9 - Jurisdictional Conflicts: The Common-Law Approach
pp 245-281
10 - Jurisdictional Conflicts: The EU Approach
pp 282-327
11 - Special Topic I: Product Liability
pp 328-350
12 - Special Topic II: Defamation
pp 351-378
Part III - Foreign Judgments
pp 379-380
13 - Introduction to Part III
pp 381-383
14 - EU Law
pp 384-433
15 - English Law: Jurisdiction
pp 434-447
16 - English Law: Defences
pp 448-471
17 - US Law: Some Highlights
pp 472-478
Part IV - Procedure
pp 479-480
18 - Freezing Assets
pp 481-526
19 - Obtaining Evidence Abroad: Forum Procedures
pp 527-554
20 - Obtaining Evidence Abroad: International Co-Operation
pp 555-572
Part V - Choice of Law
pp 573-574
21 - Introduction to Choice of Law
pp 575-601
22 - Torts
pp 602-647
23 - Contracts: The Principle of Party Autonomy
pp 648-686
24 - Contracts: Legal Policy and Choice of Law
pp 687-735
25 - The Common-Law Countries: Regulating Business, Protecting Employees and Helping Consumers
pp 736-767
26 - Foreign Currency
pp 768-799
27 - Property: Tangible Movables
pp 800-824
28 - Contractual Rights and Property Interests – I
pp 825-861
29 - Contractual Rights and Property Interests – II
pp 862-888
30 - Contractual Rights and Property Interests – III
pp 889-911
pp 912-913
pp 914-932
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3rd edition (current edition)
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Online ISBN: 9781108774819
Published online: 24 April 2020
Paperback ISBN: 9781108721134
Paperback publication date: 07 May 2020