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> Management Across Cultures

Management Across Cultures Challenges, Strategies, and Skills


, University of Oregon, , San José State University, California, , University of Sydney
Published 2023


In today's highly competitive global economy, it is said that most managers are - or soon will be - global managers. Whether they work abroad or in their home country, their work is influenced by global events and people from different cultural backgrounds. Success depends on knowing how to work effectively with people and companies worldwide and requires both intercultural competence and global management skills. This revised fifth edition presents the latest theories, research, and practices in global management. It…

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Key features

  • Concludes each chapter with a Manager's Notebook that summarizes effective action steps and provides suggestions for developing key skills, followed by a chapter summary, a list of key terms, suggested discussion questions, and question prompts for students' key takeaways
  • Extensive online resources include an instructor manual, lecture slides, lecture and discussion support, skills development activities, and a test bank for instructors, plus self-assessment pre- and post-tests for students to asses their learning
  • Provides suggestions on creating an inclusive classroom and includes tips for leading the experiential activities in ways that promote and evaluate the global skills related to inclusion so that instructors can make the most of classroom diversity and inclusion and show its relevance to global contexts

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