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> The Neuroscience of Addiction

The Neuroscience of Addiction

Francesca Mapua Filbey, University of Texas, Dallas


This book addresses a growing need for accessible information on the neuroscience of addiction. In the past decade, neuroscientific research has greatly advanced our understanding of the brain mechanisms of addiction. However this information still remains largely confined to scientific outlets. As legislation continues to evolve and the stigma surrounding addiction persists, new findings on the impact of substances on the brain are an important public health issue. Francesca Mapua Filbey gives readers an overview of research on addiction including…

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Key features

  • Provides current examples of addiction in practical settings
  • Keywords and concepts are clearly defined for interdisciplinary students and lay-readers
  • Learning objectives and questions are supplied for students to concretely evaluate their understanding of the material, and instructors can use them as teaching devices

About the book

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