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> The Origins of the First World War

The Origins of the First World War

2nd edition (current edition)

William Mulligan, University College Dublin
A second edition of this leading introduction to the origins of the First World War and the pre-war international system. William Mulligan shows how the war was a far from inevitable outcome of international politics in the early twentieth century and suggests instead that there were powerful forces operating in favour of the maintenance of peace. He discusses key issues ranging from the military, public opinion, economics, diplomacy and geopolitics to relations between the great powers, the role of smaller…
pp i-iv
pp v-v
List of Illustrations
pp vi-vi
List of Maps
pp vii-viii
Preface to the Second Edition
pp ix-x
pp xi-xii
1 - Introduction
pp 1-24
2 - Security and Expansion: The Great Powers and Geopolitics, 1871–1914
pp 25-94
3 - The Military, War, and International Politics
pp 95-135
4 - Public Opinion and International Relations
pp 136-179
5 - The World Economy and International Politics before 1914
pp 180-209
6 - The July Crisis
pp 210-229
7 - Conclusion
pp 230-238
pp 239-253
pp 254-259
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2nd edition (current edition)
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Online ISBN: 9781316671726
Published online: 28 May 2018
Hardback ISBN: 9781107159594
Hardback publication date: 13 April 2017
Paperback ISBN: 9781316612354
Paperback publication date: 13 April 2017