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> The Psychologist's Companion for Undergraduates

The Psychologist's Companion for Undergraduates

A Guide to Success for College Students

Robert J. Sternberg, Cornell University, New York, Karin Sternberg, Cornell University, New York
Tailored specifically for undergraduate students, this Companion offers uniquely comprehensive coverage of the topics necessary for successful communication in psychology, making it a valuable resource for research methods and introductory psychology courses. Readers will learn how to effectively plan and write papers in accordance with the latest style guidelines from the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition; present data in posters and talks; and evaluate their own and others' work. The clear writing style and reader-friendly format,…
pp i-iv
pp v-vi
pp vii-viii
pp ix-x
pp 1-4
Part I - Planning and Formulating Papers
pp 5-6
1 - Getting Started
pp 7-9
2 - Eight Common Misconceptions About Psychology Papers
pp 10-25
3 - How to Generate, Evaluate, and Present Your Ideas for Research and Papers
pp 26-49
4 - Literature Research
pp 50-65
5 - Writing a Literature Review
pp 66-87
6 - Planning and Writing the Experimental Research Paper
pp 88-131
7 - Ethics in Research and Writing
pp 132-146
Part II - Presenting Your Ideas in Writing
pp 147-148
8 - A Word About Content, Language, and Style
pp 149-175
9 - Commonly Misused Words
pp 176-199
10 - American Psychological Association Guidelines for Psychology Papers
pp 200-228
11 - Guidelines for Data Presentation
pp 229-254
Part III - Writing and Preparing Papers for Journal Submission
pp 255-256
12 - Paper Writing 101
pp 257-266
13 - How to Make Your Paper even Better: Proofreading, Revising, and Editing
pp 267-272
Part IV - Presenting Yourself to Others
pp 273-274
14 - Preparing a Poster Presentation
pp 275-281
15 - Writing a Talk
pp 282-289
pp 290-290
pp 291-294
pp 295-299
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Online ISBN: 9781316691649
Published online: 12 August 2019
Hardback ISBN: 9781107165298
Hardback publication date: 13 April 2017
Paperback ISBN: 9781316616963
Paperback publication date: 06 April 2017