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> Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics A Paradigms Approach


David H. McIntyre, Oregon State University
Published 2022


This popular undergraduate quantum mechanics textbook is now available in a more affordable printing from Cambridge University Press. Unlike many other books on quantum mechanics, this text begins by examining experimental quantum phenomena such as the Stern-Gerlach experiment and spin measurements, using them as the basis for developing the theoretical principles of quantum mechanics. Dirac notation is developed from the outset, offering an intuitive and powerful mathematical toolset for calculation, and familiarizing students with this important notational system. This non-traditional…

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Key features

  • Focuses on modern experimental quantum mechanics, immersing the reader in current research trends and developing an intuitive understanding of the subject
  • Develops understanding and fluency of Dirac and matrix notation, giving students access to a powerful mathematical toolset
  • Fully worked examples, homework problems, and interactive simulations enhance the book's pedagogical value

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