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> Stars and Stellar Processes

Stars and Stellar Processes

Mike Guidry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


This textbook offers a modern approach to the physics of stars, assuming only undergraduate-level preparation in mathematics and physics, and minimal prior knowledge of astronomy. It starts with a concise review of introductory concepts in astronomy, before covering the nuclear processes and energy transport in stellar interiors, and stellar evolution from star formation to the common stellar endpoints as white dwarfs and neutron stars. In addition to the standard material, the author also discusses more contemporary topics that students will…

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Key features

  • Offers detailed and clear coverage of modern topics within stellar structure and stellar evolution such as black holes, cosmology and gravitational waves
  • Adopts a highly pedagogical approach, providing numerous astrophysical examples which will encourage students to read more broadly about general relativity and cosmology
  • Includes online resources providing a password-protected solutions manual and a gallery of images from the book

About the book

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