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> Statistics for the Social Sciences

Statistics for the Social Sciences

A General Linear Model Approach


Russell T. Warne, Utah Valley University


The second edition of Statistics for the Social Sciences prepares students from a wide range of disciplines to interpret and learn the statistical methods critical to their field of study. By using the General Linear Model (GLM), the author builds a foundation that enables students to see how statistical methods are interrelated enabling them to build on the basic skills. The author makes statistics relevant to students' varying majors by using fascinating real-life examples from the social sciences. Students who…

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Key features

  • Illustrates statistical concepts and methodologies with real data drawn from the social sciences to make statistics relevant to students' interests and field of study
  • Includes step-by-step instructions with screenshots to show readers how to conduct and interpret each statistical analysis using Excel and SPSS
  • Clearly explains the interconnections among statistical procedures using the General Linear Model as a framework to teach students the commonalities among statistical methods
  • Emphasizes modern reporting practices and interpretation of statistics in conformity with the latest developments from the replication crisis and the Journal Article Reporting Standards from APA

About the book

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