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> The Cambridge History of Warfare

The Cambridge History of Warfare


Edited by Geoffrey Parker, Ohio State University
Published 2020


The new edition of The Cambridge History of Warfare, written and updated by a team of eight distinguished military historians, examines how war was waged by Western powers across a sweeping timeframe beginning with classical Greece and Rome, moving through the Middle Ages and the early modern period, down to the wars of the twenty-first century in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. The book stresses five essential aspects of the Western way of war: a combination of technology, discipline, and an…

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Key features

  • Offers a fully updated account of war in the West, with a new chapter on modern warfare
  • Continues to demonstrate that military and naval superiority was crucial to the rise of the West
  • Focuses on Western military progress but explores the military effectiveness of other regions

About the book

  • DOI
  • Subjects Global History,History,Military History
  • Format: Hardback
    • Publication date: 16 July 2020
    • ISBN: 9781107181595
    • Dimensions (mm): 216 x 138 mm
    • Weight: 0.85kg
    • Contains: 20 maps
    • Page extent: 608 pages
    • Availability: Available
  • Format: Paperback
    • Publication date: 16 July 2020
    • ISBN: 9781316632765
    • Dimensions (mm): 216 x 138 mm
    • Weight: 0.76kg
    • Contains: 20 maps
    • Page extent: 608 pages
    • Availability: In stock
  • Format: Digital
    • Publication date: 31 October 2020
    • ISBN: 9781316855089

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