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> The Cambridge Illustrated History of Warfare

The Cambridge Illustrated History of Warfare


Edited by Geoffrey Parker, Ohio State University


The new edition of The Cambridge Illustrated History of Warfare, written and updated by a team of nine distinguished military historians, examines how war was waged by Western powers across a sweeping timeframe, beginning with classical Greece and Rome, moving through the Middle Ages and the early modern period, down to the wars of the twenty-first century in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. The book stresses five essential aspects of the Western way of war: a combination of technology, discipline, and…

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Key features

  • Readers are able to follow the development of warfare right up to the present day with a new chapter that covers war down to 2019
  • Students can engage with the cohesive argument of the book that military and naval superiority was crucial to the rise of the West
  • Students develop a broad understanding of warfare through history, as the book focuses on Western military progress but explores the military effectiveness of other regions
  • Readers will benefit from a wealth of illustrative materials, including nearly 100 that are new to this edition

About the book

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