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> The Expanding Universe

The Expanding Universe

A Primer on Relativistic Cosmology


William D. Heacox, University of Hawaii, Hilo


Cosmology - the science of the Universe at large - has experienced a renaissance in the decades bracketing the turn of the twenty-first century. Exploring our emerging understanding of cosmology, this text takes two complementary points of view: the physical principles underlying theories of cosmology, and the observable consequences of models of Universal expansion. The book develops cosmological models based on fundamental physical principles, with mathematics limited to the minimum necessary to keep the material accessible for students of physics…

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Key features

  • Includes a structured discussion of general relativity, firmly based on conceptual foundations, with mathematics limited to the minimum necessary, enabling students to grasp the physical principles underlying modern cosmology
  • Relates modern observations to theories of cosmology, deriving and explaining the relationship between basic physical quantities and observations, to show how modern observational astronomy supports and informs cosmological theory
  • Discusses non-intuitive concepts based on the foundations of general relativity and cosmology, supporting readers as they tackle apparent paradoxes in modern cosmology
  • Features end-of-chapter problems with online worked solutions for instructors

About the book

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